Mar 25, 2010

Stosh B Designs

In all fairness, I first came across Stosh B Designs when she ordered some custom graphic work from me. But, I fell in love instantly, and I've become really familiar with her jewelry from working so closely with her product photos. This Silver and Copper Cuff Bracelet would so be mine right now, but I am saving up for a super duper printer and summer is my husband's slow season at work. As much as I'd love to say to heck with priorities, hubby just doesn't see it the same way.

All of the jewelry at Stosh B Designs is handmade at her home studio in California. To quote the About the Artist section at

"My source of inspiration is often a mystery – simply put, I am inspired by the act of creating itself. I feel so strongly about this process that it has become imperative for me to do what I do. Working with glass and silver and creating wearable art allows me to focus my energies and passion into extracting things of grace and beauty from once inanimate pieces of glass and silver. In our chaotic modern world of multitasking and conflicting priorities, this focused, pure process is a gift that I simultaneously respect and treasure.

I'm big on texture- I have an OCD like compulsion to reach out and touch anything that looks like it "feels neat". Every time I see one of Stosh B Design's pieces I can imagine rubbing my finger across it and feeling the bumps and grooves. I love the combinations of textured metal and smooth stone along with the use of Asian imagery.

You can find Stosh B Designs by clicking on the following links:
Stosh B Designs on Etsy

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  1. Beautiful work! Great feature, and a very talented jewelry artist!