Mar 22, 2010

Mary Littfin

After almost a week of internet connection not up to par and getting my oldest ready for a spring break vacation with his best friend's family, I'm back with today's Monday feature for the home.

Some of Mary Littfin's earliest memories are of her mother sewing at the kitchen table. The passion for fabric started at a young age, and by the time she was 10 Mary's mom decided she was ready to use the sewing machine- power and all. Despite dabbling in many creative outlets, the joy of sewing is something she always returns to.

I love all the different styles in this shop. From elegant cloth dinner napkins to fun prints for your children's lunch box, this store has something for every occasion. And, not only are they completely reusable and eco-friendly, but they can definitely save you money in the long run compared to the use and toss alternative of the paper variety. Save the planet AND save money- how awesome is that?

In addition to the environmental and economical benefits, the cotton and fleece fabric choices are much softer than paper. And, no matter how cute the paper towel companies think their designs are, there is absolutely nothing that matches my decor. Included with the wide selection of cloth napkins you will find in Mary's shop, there are also sections for table runners, pennants, aprons and very trendy oven mitts.

You can check out Mary Littfin's wonderful wares at her shop on Etsy.

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