Mar 16, 2010

Sacred Suds

I don't get to try everything that is featured here on Upscale Handmade. It just wouldn't be possible- I can't afford it and I refuse to ever be one of those bloggers that goes around asking for samples and freebies so I can write some trumped up review of a product that I only like because it was free. However, in the case of today's featured shop, Sacred Suds, I can tell you exactly how much I personally love it.

I was admittedly nervous when it came to trying handmade soap. Would it really get me clean? Would I SMELL clean? Would I still enjoy my evening bath/shower ritual? Yes, yes and YES!

I can't narrow down everything I love about this soap to just one favorite aspect. The scents are pleasing, without leaving an overpowering smell on your skin (ever have someone walk into a room and you can smell their fruity, bubble gummy scent from 10 feet away?)There is a rich, creamy lather that leaves you feeling clean without feeling moisture deprived. The soaps at Sacred Suds are also vegetarian friendly and use no animal fats in the production. But, by far, the biggest testimony to how great these soaps are is my 3 year old who throws a fit if I try to use his Disney character soap on him. Sometimes I try anyway- just because he's cute when he's mad. It always starts off with a polite "no, thank you", but if I inch closer to the tub he will give me the evil eye and tell me "I said NO."

Sacred Suds soaps are inspired by deities of ancient mythology - Goddesses of love, peace, and prosperity, and Gods of action, nature, and joy. The soaps are cruelty free, detergent free, and dye free. Couple that with the commitment to minimizing the ecological impact and the choice to use only sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients and suppliers, and this soap is not only body friendly but Earth friendly as well.

You can check out Sacred Suds for yourself by clicking on these links:
Sacred Suds on Etsy
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  1. Oh my goodness, Shanna - thank you so much! I am thrilled that you (and your 3 yo) are enjoying your soaps so much. You just made my day :-)

  2. What a wonderful feature!
    I keep telling myself that I will try Andrea's soaps soon, and I will, I will!