Mar 3, 2010

Upscale Handmade?

It should be obvious from the name that this blog is going to feature upscale, handmade items. But, what exactly do I mean by that? The Miriam-Webster definition of upscale is:
This blog will focus more on quality and style over cost. Don't get me wrong, quality items do come with a price. But, I hope to feature online shops and boutiques that have a wide price range along with great merchandise.

Why handmade? Simply put, because it's better. These treasures are designed with heart and soul, and are made with the hands of someone that cares opposed to a cold machine or someone who just does it because it's their job. The products you'll find here support small business and don't serve to make some CEO or executive board rich while the workers make little. Plus, the vast majority are made in limited quantity if not completely one of a kind- what could be more upscale than that?

For now, the plan for features is something like this:

Mondays- home items- art, decor, furniture, ceramics & pottery etc.

Wednesdays- Adult clothing, jewelry, accessories and more

Fridays- Children & Baby clothing, gear, toys

Sunday Brunch- A more in depth interview with an artisan shop keeper and features of their items.

Of course, this isn't set in stone and I'm completely open to change. This is just my plan going in. Hope you enjoy and check back soon for our features!

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