Mar 13, 2010

A few Changes

I've made a few new decisions about the blog. The biggest is that I don't think it will be possible to lump jewelry in with other adult items. There's just too many fantastic handmade jewelry designers out there and they deserve their own special day. So, they're getting it, and it will be Thursdays from now on. Also, I'm going to dedicate Tuesdays to what I will call the "other" category. It will include bath and beauty, pet items, and other themes that just aren't necessarily a good fit for the other categories or could even be considered for more than one section. I will reserve Saturdays for any blog wide news and updates that I need to make like this one.

You may also notice that I chose to tag my Adult category items as "Grown Ups". It's just my feeble attempt to keep from attracting browsers searching for the ADULT type of items that you're most likely not going to find here :)

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  1. Haha, that's a good call. I could just see people showing up here looking for porn and finding earrings instead.

    It's a great idea to give jewelry its own day, too! Thanks, Shanna!